Sara Sciunnach is a clinical psychologist who works in Tel Aviv with children, families and adults. She does psychotherapy through speech, art and play. She has worked in hospitals, schools, immigration centers and she is specialized in helping people dealing with normative and non-normative changes and crises in their lives. You can work with her on specific issues appearing at particular life stages, such as becoming a teenager or a parent. In addition, Sara works with people that are going through extraordinary events in life, such as a migration, separation, or even traumatic episodes in their present or past. She is trained to work on anxiety, depression and any other "common" mental health issue.  

Therapy. CBT  and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Short and long term therapy.

Available for assessment (3 to 5 session) and short and long term therapy. The length and the perspective is decided together following assessment.

Family work. Available for assessment, parent and child session following a relational-sistemic approach.

Experienced in family work on particular issues (e.g normative and non-normative changes, school-social-behavioural problems). 


Groups. Planning and implementing short-term group therapy. The groups are in several languages and with different topics, according also to the requests.

Work with groups. I have been working in public sector especially with new immigrant who experiences moderate and severe difficulties (such as mood sensitivity, cultural shock and problem solving issues) while adapting, in the different fase of immigration.


Community: helping in finding the right services and institutions in the community (schools, mental health and merkas klita).

Cell: +972-54-2258053
My Clinic is located in Ramat aviv, Tel aviv.