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Professional info

I am registered as a Psychologist in Israel (n. 88142) and in Italy (n. 25770), I am licensed in Israel as a Clinical Psychologist (n. 32356).



Work experience

Clinical Psychologist



Medical House. Via Fatebenefratelli, 32. Milan

Clinical Psychologist
Supervisor and Psychotherapist

Harbaa Center, Tel aviv. Ministry of Health, Israel.

Specialization in Clinical Psychologist
  • 2013-2014 ​Shalvata Hospital, Hod Hasharon. Clalit, Israel.

  • 2010-2015 Harbaa Center, Tel aviv. Ministry of Health, Israel.

Short-therm Psychotherapy
2012-2014 Adult Psychotherapy. Bet Dani, Tel aviv Municipality

School Psychologist

2010-17 Educational Psychology, North-center Tel aviv. Tel aviv Municipality.

Psycho-social Intervention for Refugees
2009-2010 Family support. Assaf, Tel aviv.


Psychologist for New Immigrants
2008-2010 Counseling and Pyschological Intervention, Indivual and Groups.
Merkas Klita, Raanana. Ministry of Absortion, Israel.
2004-2006  Università Cattolica, Milano

Second Degree in Clinical Psychology. Family and Community.

2001-2004  Università Cattolica, Milano

First degree in Psychology.

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