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My name is Sara Sciunnach

I live in Milan, where I've been studying as a Psychologist. After my second degree I moved to Tel Aviv, where I become a Clinical Psychologist, giving also Supervision in Psychotherapy and Psycho-diagnosis. I've more then 10 years of experience in treating people going through crises, transitional moments in their lives, and also proper traumas.

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I've been working in Mental health Hospitals, Clinics and in Schools. I speak several languages, such as Italian and Hebrew of course, and also Spanish and English,  so I can work with people from different countries and environments. I cure especially difficulties related to anxiety and I am familiar with the CBT approach, integrated with the dynamic. When relevant, I use instruments such as Biofeedback, if it feels comfortable for my patients. In Milan I give consultation for individual, parents, schools.

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